Graphene Sealant

1 Year paint enhancement and protection packages from £150

Anti Static

Freshly detailed vehicles can be a nightmare for static. Attracting lint and dust in the air. Graphene forms an anti static layer over the paint.

High Water Contact Angle

Water and dirt effortlessly runs off your car. If you're a fan of the water beading effect, you'll love this.

Reduced Heat

Graphene is proven to reduce the heat on a cars paint, making water spotting far less likely.

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Mobile and Fully insured

Our preparation package not only gets your car ready for whichever coating you choose but it will also bring out as much gloss as possible before doing so with our single stage paint correction. If it’s an older model or a new one, every car can benefit. No swirl marks, we’ll use a light polish so the coating adheres. Swirl marks and light scratches, we’ll use a diminishing compound to remove the defects.

Extremley Hydrophobic

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon that is tightly packed into honey-comb like structure. In simple terms, graphene can be described as a single layer of graphite.  Incredibly strong and also chemically impermeable, meaning it acts a filter and doesn’t allow anything through. This protects against things such as acid rain, road salt, bird droppings etc. It’s also extremely hydrophobic meaning rain will effortlessly bead off, keeping your car cleaner for longer.

graphene sealant