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why get your car coated?

Ceramic Coating Benefits

With a number of benefits, it’s easy to see why Ceramic Coating your car is more popular than ever. We offer a ceramic coating that gives up to 3 years of durability, with prices starting from £250. Read on to find out more.


Repels water, oils dirt and contaminants

Not only will the car’s paint be protected from direct contact with dirt and rain, it will effortlessly bead and sheet off the car. Not only does this make washing the car quicker and easier but it will also stay cleaner for longer.


protection from uv rays

It’s common knowledge that exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun damages human skin, but these powerful rays also oxidize and fade automobile paint and make a car look old and worn out before its time


resists bird droppings, water spots and traffic film

If you leave bird droppings on your paint it will probably eat from the lacquer to the paint below. Having a ceramic coating gives an extra layer of defence to help stop etching.


resistance to wash induced marring

Although not bulletproof, having your coated will dramatically reduce swirl marks and wash marring caused by washing your vehicle.


Enhances paint with a deep, rich gloss

Not only does our base package get your cars paint in the best possible condition, the ceramic coating also adds a layer that’s as hard as glass and leaves and deep glossy finish that lasts.

protect your paint with Exiges auto

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