About Us

The care your car deserves

We don’t offer a confusing myriad of services like many others, making things easier for you and also enabling us to significantly reduce the price you pay. Base Package and Coating or a Maintenance Wash, it’s that easy.

We pride ourselves on a straight forward, easy to use service that offers customers the option to carry on about their lives whilst having the peace of mind in knowing their vehicle is in safe hands. We are fully mobile, insured and with everything we need on board so whether your car is at home on the drive or at your place of work, we can come to you.

The vehicles we drive say a lot about who we are as people and for most it’s one of the biggest purchases we will make in our lifetime. It’s commonly known that even when you buy a brand new car, most dealers are not protecting the paint or clear coat at all. Even when a service is offered, it is usually an overpriced, sub standard product applied by someone that hasn’t been given the correct training in how to prepare and apply the protection. They also aren’t given the time needed carry out this work due to tight margins, potentially resulting in a shorter lifespan, swirl marks or light scratches before you even drive it off the forecourt. 

Rest assured that regardless of the level you choose, we use the highest quality products and safest cleaning techniques in order to get the very best from your vehicle and keep it looking it’s best. If there is anything you would like to know then check out our FAQ section or feel free to get in touch.